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Across East Africa

The best boutique Safari company in Kenya.

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Across East Africa, The best Boutique Safari Company in Africa

Experience Afrika

An authentic Tailormade Safari outfit. Without a single pre-made program. Gets to know you first, know your feel, understand your needs.

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 Experience Afrika Adventures

Runners Without Borders

An ambitious project that seeks to rally as many runners as possible to support ONE single cause at a time. To deal with it ONCE and FOR ALL .

 Runners without borders. One cause at a time

Run Across Africa

A series of Running Events to bring you close to the wilds of Africa. Run Across the Maasai Plains, Right into the Ngoni turf, Across the Zambezi. In A word Epic.

Run Across Africa

Acacia Expeditions

Back packer Safaris to Africa. Ideal for adventurers on a budget, Overlanders or students in a gap year


Dissenting Kenyan

I am opinionated. Strong willed and stubborn. I take stands. Choose highs, leave my marks, I live my dreams, conquer my fears, Erase my boundaries. My Blog is coming soon.

 Experience Afrika Adventures

The way we grow and develop may be different, But our goal of active renewal is common.

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