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Personal Brand Strategy
I started out as a traditional advertising chap, developing "interesting' ads for clients that 'interrupted' audiences for a short time. Today, I am firmly into ideas that introduces audiences to brands and engages them over a long time.

Where I used to work with mass media channels, I now work with every channel. I used to only worry about demographics, but today I am more interested in technographics. I used to think long and hard about how consumers perceive brands, whereas I now think about how consumers experience brands. I used to develop brand messages, but now I am more concerned with brand interactions.

I no longer create campaigns with start and finish dates, but marketing campaigns that are always on.
In summary, I help you grow by finding ways to help your consumers rather than selling to them.

If you are looking for new ideas that will lead to consumers engaging deeply with 'you brand' – then please say hello. hello@timothybirir.com

Our mode of measuring success may differ, But we will experience success on common ground.

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