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I am also interested in:


I run. If and when I can. And run I have.Many miles. Matter of fact I attempted the 2011 London Marathon carrying 20 liters of water to create awareness and raise funds for charity.
Click here for the summary from the London Marathon Site (Note its A PDF document) scroll to page 25.


I hold a pilots license, Complete with night rating. With loads of hours on Cessna Citation. I just wish I owned a dog and a plane in that exact order.


I love to read, and I cant name any one of my favorite authors. Thirsty for knowledge, I collect (and read) books about everything. I love what I do for a living.


I feed off of high energy collaboration and prefer face-to-face conversation over phone calls. And writing is a way of self expression for me.

There is probably more. On Love. Life. Photography. Family... Story for some other day

The way we carry Diversity may differ, But how we hold our ideals is the same.

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